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The Gut Reset Program - a wholesome way to a whole new you!

Functions of Gut Bacteria /


  • 60-80% of your immune system is located in and around your gut
  • More than 90% of your serotonin (feel-good hormone) is manufactured in your gut
  • The amount of bacteria located in your gut weighs more than 2.5kg
  • Arthritis, Auto-immune diseases, Asthma, Autism and Depression and many more health challenges have all been linked with poor gut health

Therefore, Gut Repair is Needed!

Living in your gut is a whole ecosystem, a rain forest of bacteria, collectively called our "Microbiome." A growing body of ongoing, exciting research is showing that they interact with our bodies in incredible ways and that we are actually living together in a mutual beneficial state. These gut bacteria, together with the rest of our digestive system, play an absolute critical role in our health and healing your gut should always be part of approaching any chronic disease. Not only is it important to eat the correct foods, but the first point of entry for these foods should also be in a healthy condition.

The 28-day Gut Reset Program

Inspired by forerunners in the field of Functional Medicine, Dr Jana Wegner compiled a 28-day Gut Reset Program to help give patients a kick start in rehabilitating their digestive systems using the Functional Medicine 4-R approach:

  • Remove  any toxic/inflammatory foods from your diet
  • Replace with clean, healthy foods and correct any deficiencies you might have
  • Reinoculate and rebalance your gut with friendly bacteria
  • Repair your gut lining which has become leaky.

What are the benefits?

Each of Dr Wegner's patients' approach is individualized according to their diagnosis. The program aids to rehabilitate your gut to be able do its many important functions properly. 

The Gut Reset Program allows your body's detoxification system to recover and start functioning efficiently again. Environmental exposures (especially heavy metal toxins, pesticides and GMO's), certain foods, beverages, sugar, alcohol, smoking, antibiotics and other drugs all have a role to play in our general health and our gut is one of the major entry points for all of these things.

The program also has a profound anti-inflammatory effect on the body, playing a critical role in any chronic, inflammatory or degenerative disease.

Although the primary purpose of the program is not to lose weight, you will find that losing a few kilograms is an added benefit, especially if you struggled with your weight in the past.

What does it entail?

The 28 day Gut Reset Program is facilitated every month and includes:

  • three individual consultations – one before, one during and one after. The largest part of these consultations can be claimed back from your medical aid if they cover GP consultations. 
  • two group sessions where you will learn about the effects of hidden sugars on your body and learn how to read and interpret food labels to be able to make better choices when you shop. 
  • Dr Wegner will make recommendations regarding supplements which you will benefit from.

For more information or to schedule your first consultation, contact Debbie at the practice: 

021 – 870 1080


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