Danielle Labuschagne is our in-house Rahzu practitioner who offers “Dynamic Posture Training”, which is mindful exercises focussing on gaining a healthy, and ideal for you, posture. It consists of THREE phases that will guide you in the process of becoming more mindful of your new posture. As you activate and strengthen your core and the muscles around your joints it helps maintain this ideal posture in functional movements, sport and everyday living.

Danielle is at d’Olyfboom every Monday and Wednesday (Classes from 08h30-09h30) and Fridays (Class at 17h30-18h30) for regular attendees. The classes are small and intimate (between 8-10 participants). Overnight guests are welcome to book a personal session with Danielle, and if preferred the session can even be presented in the gardens or outdoors in nature, weather permitting. Visit www.rahzu.co.za for more info. Bookings at danielle@rahzu.co.za.

Danielle is also a qualified physiotherapist, with her practise situated at d’Olyfboom. The fresh air, beautiful surroundings and warm atmosphere creates a resting place for pain relief and rehabilitation. A place to refresh, restore and renew the way that you think and move to decrease pain and prevent future injuries. To find out more visit www.dphysio.co.za or contact Danielle at danielle@dphysio.co.za.

Rahzu Contact Details

082 855 7980
14 Napier Street,
Paarl 7646, RSA

Danielle Labuschagne

Danielle Labuschagne is a qualified Physiotherapist who has found that when patients’ postures improve and they learn how to move well, their pain reduces significantly. The deep truth about posture and movement is to carry yourself within your identity in Christ. You are made to be royalty. An overcomer. Truth changes your heart, your mind and your body so scripture led Danielle to develop a Christ-centred exercise, namely Rahzu. This exercise is focused on who you are in Christ portrayed in your ideal posture.

“What makes me come alive is to partner with people in their rehabilitation journey in acute or chronic pain, sports injuries, post-operative conditions, chest conditions in adults and children and Vestibular Rehabilitation.”