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Passover: Celebrating the Lamb that was slain!

Passover: Celebrating the Lamb that was slain!

Passover is a very special time on the biblical calendar. d'Olyfboom celebrates this time by being aware of what God has done for His people in Egypt but even more so, we celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ: our spotless Lamb. 

The Passover celebrates God's great deliverance of His people from Egyptian slavery with the angel of death being sent to execute the firstborn son of every Egyptian family. Then, and only then, would Pharaoh release God's people from their four hundred years of enslavement. 

God's people could escape judgment if the blood of the spotless lamb was applied completely over the doorposts and lintel of their homes. After the angel of death passed over, Israel was delivered by passing through the blood of the lamb (through the door) to life. (Exodus 12).

The Passover is a symbol of the Messiah - the perfect fulfillment of the Passover Lamb, who was sacrificed on behalf of His people and subsequently through His blood, a person escapes the judgment of God.

It is also a prophetic picture of the coming of the Saviour, of His salvation and redemption. 

The correlation between the Passover Lamb and Jesus Christ.

Old Testament New Testament
​The lamb was without blemish. ​Jesus was examined and found without blemish. (Matt. 21:23; 27:1-2; 11-14; 17-26; Luke 3:2; John 11:49-53)
​The lamb was a male of the first year.​Jesus is the firstborn Son of God.
​The lamb was set aside for four days on the 10th of Nisan.​Jesus entered Jerusalem and the temple on public display for four days on the 10th of Nisan.
​The penalty was imposed the moment the lamb was chosen.​Christ received the death penalty for our sin before He was born .
​The lamb was killed at 3pm.​Jesus died at 3pm. (Mark 15:33-37)
​The lamb's bones were not broken. (Ex. 12:46; Num.9:12)​Jesus' bones were not broken. (Ps.34:20; John 19:31)
​The blood of the lamb applied to the door saved the Israelites' firstborns.​The blood of Christ saves us.
​The Israelites passed through the bloody door towards their new lives.​Jesus' blood is our doorway towards a new life.
​Nothing but the blood of the lamb could deliver the Israelites.​Nothing but the blood of Jesus can deliver us.

​The last Passover started with Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the Sabbath Day, followed by the cleansing of the temple on the next day (the first day of the week). On the evening of the fourth day (Passover Day) Jesus and the disciples ate their last supper together. 

​Jesus' time of death is also significant as He was crucified at the 6th hour (noon) and died at the 9th hour (3pm). 

On that same day, in the temple, half a mile away, the slaughter of the Passover lambs started at the 6th hour and ceased at the 9th hour when the High Priest entered and, with his arms outstretched, said: "It is finished." At the same time, Jesus cried out: "It is finished!" and died. Thus, the slaughter of the Passover lambs was finished with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Today Christians all over the world still celebrate this significant day: the day that Jesus Christ died for the transgressions of the world. We do not focus on anything but the cross during this time. Everything leads to the foot of the cross where the ultimate act of love was bestowed upon us; the one act of love that set us all free through humility, suffering and abandonment. Oh how beautiful is our Lord? How worthy is He to be praised? 

We invite you to celebrate this time with us. Rejoice! For the Lamb that was slain is risen and He sits at the right hand of God - interceding for us and preparing our place for eternity.

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