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Norm and Alma Wakefield @ D'Olyfboom Family Estate!

Norm and Alma Wakefield @ D'Olyfboom Family Estate!

Norm and Alma Wakefield

​Norm Wakefield is a well known name at D'Olyfboom Family Estate. For the past four years, we have hosted conferences on different topics where Norm (sometimes accompanied by his wife, Alma) has been the speaker and we have had nothing but great feedback as to how these sessions have influenced lives.

This year, therefore, will be no different. Norm (together with his wife, this time) will be facilitating their "Equipped to Love"-conference. The sessions will come from Norm's book, Equipped to Love: Building Idolatry-free Relationships. We all know we ought to love, but knowing how to love and having the ability to love is life-changing for yourself and others. You'll learn the difference between the world's kind of love and God's kind of love which will give you a new vision for your relationships. By God's grace and presence, you'll see the love of God revealed through Jesus Christ in such a powerful way that you'll find hope and excitement about getting free from the destructive strangle-hold of the spirit of idolatry. God's Word says that His kind of love removes fear and brings peace in your relationship with God and with others. 

To find out more about Norm Wakefield and his ministry, please visit Sprit of Elijah Ministries.

Don't miss out on this life-changing event. Book your seats today!

On 10-12 February 2017 Norm and Alma Wakefield will present their life-changing conference, Equipped to Love, at D'Olyfboom Family Estate. Make sure to book your seats right away as limited space is available. This event is not to be missed.
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