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Family Tree Leadership Academy - Firm Foundations

Family Tree Leadership Academy - Firm Foundations

Do not despise the days of small beginnings - A seed is planted.

​Family Tree Leadership Academy was dreamed up in the hearts of Garitha de Wit and Elana Loubser. Garitha is a passionate Occupational Therapist and Elana a seasoned Speech Therapist and with their combined knowledge and experience they put heads together in August 2013 and this unique preparatory school began to take shape. 

In January 2015 Family Tree Leadership Academy opened their doors to about 20 children of different age groups on the premises of D'Olyfboom Family Estate. The whole idea behind this Academy is preparing next generation Christian leaders by reaching out to families and not just educating children, but equipping them to make a difference in secular space. Here we strive to cultivate strong leaders of tomorrow - leaders who will see beyond what meets the eye. Who have their identities firmly rooted in Christ and who will be "like a tree that are planted by streams of water that yield its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither."

Currently we accommodate 68 children at our preparatory school. The school's staff consists over 17 teachers and teacher-assistants, ensuring that each one of our children receive enough individual attention. We keep the classes small and the enthusiasm big.

Beautiful surroundings and a big playground make for an ideal setting for a preparatory school.

The tree is growing - Our very first Grade 1 class.

Our first Grade 1 class. Learning is so much fun!

One of our proudest moments were when we opened the doors to our very first Grade 1 classroom on the 12th of January 2017. 

Garitha and Elana firmly believe that children should learn through playing and with this conviction they constructed a curriculum based on CAPS, with the same outcome, but with a whole different approach. Instead of the usual classroom set up and homework, our children are playing and interacting with one another and when they go home, they go home to spend time with family and play with siblings.  

Watering the tree with goodness - Balanced meals.

Yum yum!

​Another passion of D'Olyfboom Family Estate, is nutrition and health. Consequently, we take utmost care in preparing the food the little ones eat at school. Our kitchen makes use of only the best ingredients and quality spices to ensure that the children eat a balanced meal while learning and developing. The 9-day rotating menu has been put together by our caterer, Madeleine Steenkamp. Madeleine received input from various mothers and, being a mom of two herself, she knows how to prepare hearty, healthy meals for the little ones.

Family Tree Leadership Academy creates a healthy environment wherein children can develop and learn how to interact with friends. More importantly, we cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for family life and by doing so, we believe that we contribute to building balanced and healthy families in our community.

For any information with regards to Family Tree Leadership Academy, the curriculum or to make an appointment with Elana and/or Garitha, please contact us on 021 870 1080. 

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