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Get to know: Lourentia de Kock

Get to know: Lourentia de Kock
Lourentia de Kock, the facilitator of Shama Women's Conference which will occur at d'Olyfboom from the 21st-23rd of April 2017.

Most of you have probably heard of  this dynamic lady! 

Lourentia de Kock is not just any name at d'Olyfboom - she is the formidable woman who introduced d'Olyfboom's founders, Danny and Garitha de Wit, to each other and through her obedience she plays a big part in the d'Olyfboom Story. 

Lourentia is also the facilitator of the Shama Women's' Conference that will take place at d'Olyfboom on the 21st-23rd April 2017 and therefore we thought it wise to give you a little bit of background on this Proverbs 31-woman. 

Lourentia has been married to Pieter for 21 years and they have three children: Elrise (1st year Medical student), Francois (Grade 10) and Elsje (Grade 6).

Since 1995 Lourentia has been privately practicing psychology and she has always been strongly urged to do this with the complete guidance of the Holy Spirit. She obtained her BA-degree in Psychology and Bible Studies from the University of Stellenbosch, her Honours from Rand Afrikaans University and her Masters' degree from the University of the Free State, (where she met Garitha and Danny and the rest is history...).

Lourentia is the co-author (with Maretha Maartins) of a few Afrikaans books: "Moeilike Mense," "Die Bybel en my gemoed," "Trauma van verliese" and "Die Groot Huweliksboek." She writes articles for Sarie (among other magazines) and is also a seasoned radio personality with appearances on many live radio talk shows.

Lourentia has been hosting these women's' conference since 2011. She facilitates them on a quarterly basis and with that being said, she has hosted more than 25 women's' conferences. Together with her husband, they also facilitate marriage enrichment camps once a year. Pieter organizes man camps and they also facilitate parenting courses. Lourentia is also a popular motivational speaker for women's' teas or ladies' retreats. 

Lourentia is outspoken and transparent about her passion for Jesus Christ and the healing of body, soul and spirit. She is indeed clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future!

For more information on Lourentia's practice in Pretoria, their ministries and calendar as well as KOINONIA, visit her website.

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