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Upcoming Events - Don't miss out!

Upcoming Events - Don't miss out!

d'Olyfboom pride ourselves in organizing amazing events and seminars by which our whole community can benefit. This being said, we aim to cater for a very diverse market, however, still keeping the topics and discussions in line with our core focus: leadership development. 

We would love to invite you to the following events, which will be hosted by us during the course of the next two months:

1) Shama Women's Conference

Lourentia de Kock is a well known name at d'Olyfboom and these women's conferences that she facilitates annually, are usually a highlight for the ladies who attend them. Remember to keep the 21st - 23rd of April 2017 open and book your seat as soon as possible because there is limited space! 

Men, spoil your wives. Or your daughters. Or your mothers. Ladies, bring a friend along. This event is surely not to be missed!

2) Gavin Keller - From Conception to School

​Calling all teachers, parents, anyone involved in the educational field or just interested in the topic! Gavin Keller will be facilitating this amazing, interactive seminar on the 6th of May 2017. This event will be hosted by Family Tree Leadership Academy, in conjunction with EduExcel.

Please take note that this event will not be held on d'Olyfboom's premises but at La Rochelle Girls' Primary School. Therefore there will be plenty of space and we encourage principals of the surrounding schools to bring their teaching staff.

  For more information on both these events, call 021 870 1080 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..                   

                    Come enjoy these events with us! We are looking forward to be your hosts!

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