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The warmest welcome from the De Wits!

The warmest welcome from the De Wits!

With so many new things happening at D'Olyfboom, we are jubilant to launch our website to share all the excitement with you!

Our aim with this website is to inform all our customers, patients, potential parents and the community about what is happening in our midst. Over the course of the next few months we will share with you the interesting new ventures that we are embarking on. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog so that you don't miss out on anything.

A vision is born

Danny and Garitha De Wit with their twins, Michau and Danny.

Standing at the steer of this operation, with a dream in their hearts and a vision for the future, are Danny and Garitha de Wit and their twin boys, Michau and Danny. It is not difficult to see that they are passionate about family...even more so they are passionate about healthy families. In their many years as a married couple, they have invested and imparted so much into other marriages, all the while waiting on the Lord to release them into their own calling: that of developing, forming and unleashing new generation Christian leaders into the secular world.

Prior to this venture, Danny founded Innpact Institute of Hospitality and Leadership, C Growth (a ministry addressing relationship issues) and he serves as Chairperson to The World Needs a Father. He is also at the steer of The Scholtz group of companies (a collection of family-owned entities invested in property, stocks and the hospitality industry.)

Garitha is the co-founder of Family Tree Leadership Academy; our very own pre- and preparatory school which aims to partner with parents in raising world changers for Jesus. 

A story unfolds

D'Olyfboom Family Estate

In 2010 Danny and Garitha bought this 40 hectare piece of land in the heart of Paarl where their dream slowly but surely started to take shape in the form of D'Olyfboom Family Estate. With Danny's background in the ministry and his sound knowledge of the business world, and Garitha's in occupational therapy, they combined their gifts and experience to cultivate an environment where individuals will grow into new generation Christian leaders by knowing who they are but more importantly: Whose they are. 

Over the course of about six years, D'Olyfboom Family Estate developed and grew into an establishment which serves the community on many different levels with one thread binding everything together: Leadership. Whether we are hosting a conference or supplying the community with pure water, we do it with a vision of educating and resourcing, in order to unleash potential.

A dream continues

​Within the next couple months, D'Olyfboom Family Estate promises to expand even more with the addition of a Boutique Hotel and a few other exciting ventures. The farm is buzzing with activity and we are looking forward to welcome each and everyone of you here in the near future. 

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