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The Well is a fount of healthy living

​ Regular visitors to The Well at d'Olyfboom Family Estate can be forgiven for thinking it's all about the pure spring water which is available at a minimal price to locals and who stream to the venue to fill their water bottles and containers.

If you stay for a bit, either on the outdoor terrace overlooking the verdant gardens, or inside the casual venue, you can enjoy a selection of quality coffees,  one of their raw juices or a delectable smoothie made of  the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Slowly but surely The Well is also becoming known for its carefully curated healthy, organic and non-toxic toiletries, food items and household cleaners.We'd like to invite everyone who's keen to improve their lifestyle and those of their families, to visit us and stock up on healthy, "good-for-you" items.

Open daily during the week from 08h00-17h00, The Well is ready to serve anyone who wants to see a positive change in their lifestyle.

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