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Who is the King of glory?

Who is the King of glory?

'Who is the King of Glory? The Lord , strong and mighty, The Lord mighty in Battle" - Psalm 24:8

"Evoking good opinion due to it's inherent worth" is the way most dictionaries define the meaning of glory. Like many other words found in Scripture, I do believe there to be a deeper meaning. Let me try explain:

John Piper says that the Gospel is not a "help wanted" sign nor is the primary call to Christianity merely to come and serve. God is certainly not needing people to work for Him; He is the One with the broad burden-breaking shoulders. He is the strong One, but he has a need to both meet and be recognized as the sole provider of all our needs. Put differently; God has a need to be genuinely needed. Oh, how I can relate to this as a father! I took my little boys for a stroll around the farm the other night just to re-experience them drawing real close to me. Clutching my hand as if all life depended on it. For a moment I had become the family-hero and everything inside of me was loving it!

I know this is very dangerous territory as God shares His Glory with no man and jealously guards over it, but I do treasure the brief moments of being needed in this way. Like us earthly dads, our Heavenly Father is most glorified when we are most delighted in Him!

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